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Hi, i'm building a new rig and will be getting a HD4870 to go in it so I want to make sure my CPU wont bottleneck my card. I'm NOT OCing so I want a decent stock speed. I'm thinking I want a quad core as I want this to last some time (eventually I will put another 4870 in). So, for me the Q6600 is out of the question (too low clocked). I have a fairly flexible budget (could stretch to an extreme QX9650 (very top end of my budget) so could some of you guys give me the best price/performance CPU with clock speeds preferably near 3/2.8 GHz?


EDIT: What is the difference between these two processors:




They lokk almost identical to me and are almost the same price.
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  1. The q9450 or q9550 is all you should need. The extreme edition is a waste of money. The only reason to purchace an extreme chip is if you plan on doing some hardcore overclocking. If not it is a complete waste of money.

    I'm 95 percent sure a q6600 won't bottle neck the current video cards.
  2. to will my pc bottleneck.com
    i hate that term, all the people who worry about it before they build the system. build it and if it bottles then stetch the neck!

    qx9650 will run 2 cards no problem

    the qx 6850 is a waste of money and nothing more then a unlocked q6600

    the q9550 with a 400-450 fsb is a nice set up but the q6600 will work fine.

    i set up quad crossfire system with dual 3870x2 with no issues with q6600 - for several customers
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