HDD diagnostic & safety tool - suggestions required


I need some suggestion w.r.t to the internal HDDs.

I have 2 HDD (1 old & 1 new both seagate) setup in my computer - in 4th and 6th bay of the cabinet

1. Is it safe to have HDDs that close or there is a chance of them getting heated and damage each other.

2. Is there any tool for ??

-keeping track of the health (like temp, etc) of the HDD
-to keep track of bad sectors if any that can come - and avoid keeping important data in those areas
- to periodically back info like partition,filesystem, MFT, MBR etc. so that in case a partition gets corrupted (not data) - the partition can be restored.

In other words I am looking for a tool for complete solution(can be shareware as well) - which offers me complete diagnostic & safety for HDD so that I never loose and important piece of data.

Thanks & Regards
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  1. 1- Is save.

    2- With speedfan you can see the temp of the HDD and the performance. For the backups, use windows restore system. With this you can made a backup full of you drivers and save in an other partition or CD/DVD....try too with HDDlife is shareware but is good.
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