8800gt/s vs. 8800gs vs. 9600gt/s---deciding

ok ive read that the 8800gt runs faster then teh 9600gt and the 8800gs and the 9600gt are almsot deadlocked...i do OC my stuff so can some one tell me what is the best bang for the $$$ and also what preforms the best...mabey some hyper-links to sales..ty much
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  1. 8800 gs is cheapper and about the same performance as a 8800 gt 512 when overclocked. marvelous will be here shortly with the details...
  2. This is the best bang for your money, $159.99 after rebate:

  3. thank you people ^.^
  4. i would go for the gts above. that is an awesome deal.
  5. It if's between 9600gt vs 8800gs. I say save the money and get the GS but 8800gt is the real sweet spot. Only $10-20 more than 9600gt and perform 20% faster.
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