AMD Phenom x4 940 @ 3.6ghz sound problems

After about 4 hours, everything still runs fine but the sound slows down then dies?

Didnt happen with my 7750, what should i do or could i try to solve this?
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  1. Could this be the voltage on my cpu? Like a tad tad tad too low?
  2. its probably your cpu, same thing happend to me with one of my older phenoms :(
  3. I changed the bitrate through the sound options in vista, went from 16 bit to 24 bit and havent had a problem since.
  4. i keep mine at 3.4 so there are no crashes whatsoever.
  5. I dont have any crashes either @ 3.6ghz, anything above it i get bsod's unless i go with a significantly higher voltage.
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