Your usb mass storage device can perform faster if it is plugged into a hi-speed

how do I plug USB into a hi speed port
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  1. Many computers will have a couple different locations for USB ports and some may be newer USB 3.0 or 2.0 which are faster than the older USB 1.00 specification so if your MOBO has different connectors try using a different one to see if it is connected to one off the newer higher speed connections - Which ones are faster or how many of the higher speed connections are on the system varies so without knowing the specifics about your system there is no way to tell you which is which on your system.
  2. The recommendations is to disconnect the USB Mass Storage Device from its current port and then connect it to one of the ports on a hub shown in bold type. (the pop up box that I see)
  3. try this
    double click on message when pop up
    a window will appear
    go to power management tab
    un check
    allow computer to turn off this device to save power
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