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Hi Community - Simply stated, I'd like to be able to save isolated audio tracks from my Blu Ray discs into my pc. I only own a stand-alone player (Sharp Aquos). I have Cool Edit Pro as my audio editor. I've used it to edit audio tracks from HD DVD. My goal is to not lose the Blu Ray audio quality while saving the files...what's next for me?
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  1. You need a PC Blue Ray player to try to do anything of what you are trying to do.

    The only option you have with your player is to connect it's audio out to the PC and just record the audio that way.
  2. Thanks - if I did it as you describe, using the audio out of the Sharp, is it still Blu Ray quality (since this connection is not HDMI)??
  3. You will loose quality, but without a PC drive, you can't do anything else. I doubt you will loose enought to be noticable unless your have a high-end speaker system on your PC, but you will probably be limited to 2 channel recording. You won't have the surround channel info.
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