9 month old system with new issues, could use some help.

I am puzzled by my new problem and could use some help. I will include absolutely every bit of info you should need to help me deduce the problem. I am having random shutdowns during heavy load, the issue is this just started after a reinstall of Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64, an install that is only 36 hours old.

The Computer was first built in August of 2007. This computer is in an Antec 900 gaming case with an Antec Quattro 850, all fans spots are in use the 2 up front pulling sir in the other 3 pulling air out. I have 2 IDE Optical Drives, 1 Pioneer DVD burner and 1 Sony DVD-Rom/ CD Burner. It includes 4 Hard Drives all SATA 150, 2 160GB Maxtor’s in a Raid 0 array, 1 300gb Maxtor and 1 500gb Western Digital. It has a ABIT Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI with an Intel Q6600 Processor, BE Stepping. The motherboard has all 4 Memory slots full with 2 4gb kit’s of OCZ SLI Ready Memory, the memory info on the motherboard is set at best in bios. It has a BFG GeForce 7950gt 512mb at Oem clock, also has an Creative X-FI Xtreme Audio sound card, AVerTV Combo PCIe TV Tuner and a Airlink+ PCI Wireless G card.

Now this setup has been running 24/7 for the last 9 months with no issues except because of the sound card I couldn’t get SP1 to install so after I moved back from college 2 weeks ago the computer sat in the garage for about a week. On Monday when I set everything up, I decided to reinstall Windows from scratch, alas this turned out to be a major chore. I first had issues with the install putting the bootmgr on something other than the raid array so after 2 failed attempts of that I then tried again with only the raid array hooked up and it happened again then one more try and everything started working. So after the main install I started installing all the updates and then SP1, after all the windows stuff was through I started on the software which took about 1.5 days and during that time when under heavy load the computer tends to shut down by itself, 3 times during video games.

So I went back and made sure all devices in the pc were seated correctly, in case of shifting during the move and the problem is still there. I know it is getting plenty of power because my battery backup software from APC tells me under heavy load it only pulls about 350watts I also know because of the fact that I have a back up the problem is in the pc.

I have now tried removing parts, i started with uninstalling the wireless card and removing it, then uninstalling the tv tuner card then removing it and uninstalling all the sound card software and then removing it, after all uninstalls i restarted the comp twice with no issues. on 3rd restart i entered the bios to turn on the on board sound after i did this and saved bios when it restarted it was not showing the 500gb hard drive and would not load into windows all i got was the small green progress bar and every once in awhile that bar would freeze. again any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Please add some paragraphs .... way too hard to read right now. :pt1cable:
  2. I edited the message. it should be easier to read now.
  3. Hey bro it kinda sounds like you PSU is S**tin the bed. I had a friend that had the some of the same problems with his computer before it eventually died and I had to install a new PSU. Do you have one lying around the garage to test my theory.

    As for you BIOS problems I would try flashing it to the latest firmware. That might fix those problems.

    Hope this helps.
  4. it is not the supply it was checked
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