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Purchased USB to IDE cable (and power supply) to transfer data from old IDE drives to large backup drive.
All drives are formatted NTFS (or older verson of Windows FS). Drive is recognized in Device Manager and is "running properly" but drive is not listed in My Computer or Administration Disk Management (or explorer): Can't assign it a drive letter. This is the case for four drives I have connected on both my PC and Laptop (both running XP Professional).
Any suggestions? Perhaps the Bridge connector is just not picking up all the pin connections? (ie: perhaps the $10.00 device bought on EBAY and shipped from Hong Kong just does not work!!) Has any body else had this problem?
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  1. Is it the new drive that you can't see? You won't be able to use it until you partition and format it using Disk Management (right-click "Computer", select "Manage", choose "Disk Management" in the left pane.
  2. Thank you sminlal.

    No: As I said, the reason I purchased the USB to IDE cable, was to transfer the data from 4 or 5 old IDE drives that I have, to my large backup drive. All these old drives are already partitioned and formatted. I wanted to avoid swapping drives in and out of my computer and having to set "master/slave" pins. The USB to IDE Bridge sets up OK (it shows up on Devices and is supposedly "working properly" but does not register as a hard drive on "Drive Management" even as an unassigned drive.
  3. OK, so some more stupid questions (because I can't think of any smart ones!): You have power supplied to the drives, right? And are the master/slave jumpers on the drives set to whatever configuration is required by the adapter cable?
  4. Couple of hints, but I'm really not sure how these are done. First, do you require a driver to use this adapter on a a USB port? Second, I suspect your old small hard disks were formatted with FAT32 File systems, not NTFS. Is there a way to specify that so the computer knows how to access the drives?
  5. No outside driver was required. Windows recognized the USB to IDE Bridge and said driver was operational. Three are formatted NTFS one is FAT32. All drives work when installed using ide connection off the motherboard. They used to power my former computers or were second drives (slaves). I was just trying to avoid this by converting them to external drives with the USB to IDE Cable. Guess I may have to just bite the bullet and do it the hard way!
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