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I have almost all of the parts but don't want the GPU coolers as ventilation in my room has gotten better.

So with $75 freed up and a few new items at Fry's the idea of running an SLI setup piqued my interests. I'm thinking of running two 9600GTs on a MSI P6N Diamond board and had a few questions:

1) Will a Corsair 620HX be enough to run this setup comfortably? This includes five or six 120mm fans and a 24' monitor that's around 100w on top of what's already listed.

2) Can a Zalman 9700CNPS fit onto that motherboard without any type of modding?

3) The biggest gripes with the P6N Diamond is related to RAID arrays and of course Vista but is there any other noteworthy problems with this board?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Stick with the 8800GTS.
    SLI with 2 midrange cards is not better than 1 high end card.

    You should also switch to 4Gb of DDR2 800 vs 2Gb DDR2 1066.
    As others have stated in your other post, the speed of the ram dose not make a noticable difference.
  2. ^ agreed. Also the PSU is enough for the system with either 9600 SLI or 8800GT SLI just I wouldn't overclock.
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