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sup guys i've build a new system

cm cosmos 1000
asus p5ke-wifi\ap
ocz platinum revision ddr800
320gb seagate
asus arctic cooling
visiontek 3870
ocz 600w stealth extreme

problem is my windows is working kinda laggy maybe you guys could help? in games pc works fine, but when i like open start meno it is kinda laggy or maybe open firefox or folders... dunno y, this is without OCing nothing, i did some OCing now to like c if it gets normal @3.2 but its the same damn thing...
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  1. s'up.

    How much ram & which windows?

    It's probably software. Try CTRL-ALT-DEL & look at process tab, click CPU column twice to see what's hogging the os.
  2. oh and 2 gb
  3. sup xp actualy i did wut u told me and i c this system idle process @ 99 :S
  4. i dont c any other probs with it @99% is nothing bad
  5. System idle process should be at the top of the process tab most of the time. If not, whatever at the top is hogging the cpu. I'd either update that software or find a replacement.

    Also, some security software like antivirus can be taxing on the pc. Turn off heuristics (which can cause false positives) & archive scans (malware must be uncompressed to do the work, once it is, it'll be picked up by antivirus). Google cureit & do a full scan. Could be malware.

    Finally, do a windows update.
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