Dell optiplex 745 sound driver download

Dear sir/Madam.

i need sound driver for dell optiplex745 computer. i search but i cou'dnt find so please if you have that please give me i am very thankfull to you,

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  1. What's wrong with checking the Dell website for Dell drivers?
  2. profkefah said:

    Problem: Like the OP above, I have made a fresh install of XP on an Optiplex 745. I did download the drivers direct from Dell, using Dell's hardware detection to match my system. I plug my speakers in - I get nothing. I pull the speakers plug, I get sound... through the internal speaker. Neither the front nor back sound ports work.
  3. What shows up under the Hardware tab in Control Panel>Sounds? and what is set as the Default Device under the Audio tab?
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