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This is only the second time I have built a computer. First time I only replaced the MB, Memory, Video Board and HD but used the same case, PSU etc. The CPU was installed by the person I ordered it from so I have never done that before. Advice I need is looking at between Newegg, and Tiger Direct to purchase my parts which one is the better choice return policys, best delivery, customer service and so on? If there is another vender with better prices I am open to suggestions. Also how hard is it to build a whole system from scratch nervious about placing the CPU just right not to mess up anything :non: Was debating about if it was a royal pain to just let Ibuypower or Cyber Power build the same system can pick out the same exact brand of components and let them do the build for about $200-$300 more in price. Thanks for any advice..
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  1. Sorry can't help ya. livin' in europe. Arrrrgh...Newegg doesn't ship outside USA.
  2. Either one has good customer service.....just go with price.....find someone who is around you that can help you...its not hard but can be delicate
  3. I prefer Newegg. Lower prices.
    Google build your own computer and socket 775 installation. It's not difficult.
    The benefit of building your own is upgradeability.
  4. NEWEGG FTW!!!
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