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after being rather disappointed with my latest build I have been researching upgrading some of the components in my rig but just cant make up my mind on what to get so some advice would be good. I have searched for this first and im sure someone would of asked before but I would really like an opinion for my current situation.

Right my current rig is:

ASUS p35 pk5-C
xfx 8800GT xxx edition
vista 64
thermaltake 600w psu
4gb super talent ddr800 OC 5-5-5-12 ram
e8400 with arctic cooling freezer pro 7 cooler
fatality x-fi xtreme gamer sound card
Samsung 206bw and samsung 32" 1080p dispalys
sata hdd's etc

Im thinking of upgrading to either one of these 3 combinations:

1)going SLI and buying a xfx 780i motherboard and another xfx 8800GT (I was going to get the 790 ultra due to the 780 being pretty much the same as the 680 apart from an extra chip, but Im not paying 300+ for 4gbs of good ddr3 ram)

2)just swapping gpus and buying a ASUS 3870x2 (possibly crossfire in the future)

3)or swap my 8800GT to a 9800gx2

the first two options will be a bit cheaper but willing to pay the extra for the 9800 if its really worth it. I was possibly leaning towards the ATI board for a change but just not sure about it, havent had one since my 9800SE.

anyway sorry for massive post hope its all there.
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  1. 4) Don't waste your money upgrading a good system.

    If you really need more GPU power, wait another month and get a GTX280 or 4870XT. Hell you could even crossfire 2 of the 4870s if you wanted to.
    Anything else would be a waste of cash.
  2. What in the world is dissapointing about that system? Your not going to gain much after the 8800 gt....just throwing money away...wait a good while for better cards to come out
  3. ^ Agreed...i see nothing wrong with your current rig right now and if you REALLY want to upgrade, you should wait for the new cards to come out...btw, how were you disappointed with your build?
  4. That is a really nice rig, only thing I see is the 8800GT may be a little weak for running a 32" display. Wait for the new round of video cards and see what people say about them, then upgrade your video card.
  5. thanks for the replies everyone. I think I may of just had unreasonable expectations and alot of it was crysis, that was what really started my discontent for my current rig and I know its too much to expect to play it at full at 1920x1080 with current tech but I kinda built my pc with playing crysis at max in mind. anyway maybe I will just wait a month or two then look at it again.

    what about my ram? I was considering an upgrade to either Mushkin, Crucial ballistix or ocz reaper 1066 as their 4gb kits are quite reasonable now and I cant tighten up the timmings at all on super talent sticks plus they are atm taking 3 dimm slots so it would be nice to cut it to an even 2.

    if you havnt figured it out already I want to spend some money on my rig as Ive just been building other peoples for the last few weeks so any suggestions of worth while possible upgrades would be appreciated.
  6. anyone?
  7. were u really expecting to play crysis at max settings on your display? gonna have to drop A LOT of money into that rig to do that...and thats just not smart, considering the comp will devaluate sooo much in just a year or two...
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