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Recently I have been having some wireless network problems, it all started about 2 months ago, but it didn't happen frequently until about 4 days ago, when I'm gaming or just surfing the web at any random time I will just get a huge lag spike that will not allow me to load any pages,if I'm gaming then I my server ping will shoot up very high (4000ms) then it will take 2 minutes or so for it to fix itself,I figured this was a problem with my wireless network adapter so I went out and bought a new one,problem still existed but that adapter wasn't any good so I took it back and bought a better one, sadly the problem still persist.

Some info/things I have tried
I am running Windows Vista 64 bit, I am aware of the fact vista's wireless software scans for newer networks every 60 seconds which will cause a 2-3 second lag spike, however this is not related to my current problem as I have been aware of this for 6+months and have been using a program called "Vista Anti-Lag" which takes care of that.

I connect to the modem/router downstairs from my room upstairs, there is no one on the other computer or on my network besides me, though I have had a family member on the downstairs computer online while I receive the lag spike,he does not experience any slow-down or lag though, just me.

My Wireless Adapter is a Linksys RangePlus Wireless Network USB Adapter
The router I connect to is a Linksys WRT54G.
I have reinstalled the WRT54G software on the downstairs computer,setup a new network with a different wep key, however this didn't help (I also made sure everything was plugged in correctly)
I have tried reformatting my pc,reinstalling drivers,switching USB ports.

My system specs in case they're needed

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium
Memory: 4GB DDR2 ram
Processor: AMD Athalon(tm) 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ (2 CPUs), ~3.0GHz
HD: 500 gbs

Any help is appreciated very much!
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  1. Have you tried a different wireless channel?

    It may be that a new access point using the same channel
    has appeared within range of your network.

    Microwave ovens and cordless phones will cause problems on some channels.
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