What do i need to do to get my new system ready for gaming?

Hi all,
I just finished building my new rig based on all the help i got from this forum (thanks all). I am not a gamer at this point, but want to play some of the cool racing games and some non violent games for my kids. I currently have ubuntu linux installed on the new rig and need to install XP as a dual boot system to run the games. It has been ages since i have installed windows or set it up. I have family coming on friday and am working all week..so i was hoping you guys could help me detail out what all i need to do (install/setup) to get my box ready to install games like (Dirt, etc). Its an E8400 c2d, 4gb ram, geforce 8800 GTS box. I can muddle may way through the XP install, but i am not sure what else i need to do once i get that done. I am pretty sure there are 3d drivers, etc, etc that need to happen.

Thanks for any advice as it will help me get the box up before my family gets here.

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  1. Add another drive.
    Install XP with Ubuntu disconnected.
    Install the motherboard drivers, Nvidia drivers, firewall, antivirus, antispyware, etc.
    Run the operating systems by choosing with F11 from the bios which specifies which hard disk to boot (Quick boot).
  2. I would also purchase some games, that would help a LOOT...lol.
  3. Or you can partition your current drive and install XP on the new partition. Functions the same way when you're done as if you'd installed on a physically separate HD. As stated, once the XP install is done, just pop in all the driver disks that came with your MB, video card and it'll usually walk you thru installing all the appropriate drivers.
  4. Try hitting the Rig with a Massive Hammer, then buy some Games.
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