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Hi, I just had a couple questions. I am planning to get windows 7 for a new PC and i was wondering is the Beta and the real version about the same size in terms of (GB) in space? Reason why i am asking is that, for new build, I wanted to buy small SSD...say 16GB just for my OS, and then a separate hard drive for all my apps/data. So my other question is will *Windows 7+all updates+all service packs+all main drivers+whatever else is in an OS* fit into a 16GB solid state? Do i need more or less. I don't really need a solid state for all my apps and data since a normal hdd is good enough for me, I just want really fast operating system performance like fast boot time, and fast response time, and no defragmentation. My last question is for people who own solid states and have experience with them. What is a good brand for a solid state disk? There are so many and i don't know which one is good, reviews pretty much say all of them are similar but i need more then that to decide which brand. Thanks for any help.

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  1. My win 7 is sitting at 7.5 gig installed so 16 will be plenty for just the OS. Though to get a real performance boost i would put my OS and Programs on the SSD.

    All ssd's are no where near the same, there are huge differences in performance especially write speeds. Intel's x25-m series seems to be the best value at the moment for ssd's

    Here is a link showing the differences,48.html
  2. I agree that 16GB should be OK as long as you don't install much in the way of applications.

    The 2nd-generation Intel X25 drives are just starting to enter the retail channel - they perform better than the 1st-generation drives and are substantially less costly. They're the gold standard in consumer SSDs.
  3. Well...what i want is to install my OS on the 16GB ssd and then all my apps on a separate SATAII 10k or 15k rpm hard drive.
  4. I don't' think they make a 15k sata drive you would have to go to either a sas or scsi

    The speed your comp can access apps is just as important as accessing the OS, unless you intend on using windows built in apps for most applications.
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