**** Windows Xp Vs Windows 7 for gaming? and questions about XP ****

Okay so which Windows would get me more FPS with my gaming system here are the specs.

4GB Ram DDr3
AMD Athlon II 3.0 GHz Quad Core
500 Gb HDD
Radeon 4870 1GB 256 Bit Memory Graphic card

So my questions is which OS would be beter for gaming? a Stripped XP or just a regular windows 7?

Also can XP 32 Bit use 4Gb of ddr3 ram? if not how much can it use in max?

SO which OS would be better for gaming giving me more FPS? i dont care about direct 11 or 10. i just want to know which gives more FpS
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  1. Windows XP SP2/3 will give you more FPS and less hassle if you're not playing the latest games. It will recognise ~3.5 gb of RAM.

    With the latest cards and drivers and some cutting edge games, you can get more FPS with >DirectX9 on W7.
    = they look better, they play better.
  2. uhh so i should keep win 7?
  3. Hey, hey I've always liked xp takes little RAM, so I would definitely recommend the good old xp. What you definitely do not load as it is windows vista, those overwhelmed by a lot of RAM. Now I use windows 7 and I'm happy most. As for the fps in the game so it is something between XP and Vista. The system loads quickly and most comfort when you install the drivers different. I hope I helped you.
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