So, I bought this new GFX card, but...

...when I play videos it randomly crashes. I recently bought a ATi X1650 Pro as a replacement to the X800 (both AGP since my mobo, an Abit IC7 Max3, doesn't take PCI-E since it is quite old). The old GFX card never had a problem with it, but the new one seems to make it crash randomly at random places. Games etc I've had no problems on (except Guild Wars after I log out, sound stutters along with the actual fps), seems just videos.

Everything, as far as I'm aware, is up to date (drivers etc, including newest Catalyst drivers). If the video was fullscreen, it would stop on a frame and the audio would continue, then my display would "switch off" (as if it went into standby), and seems to totally lock up. I tried playing videos in window (rather than fullscreen) and thought that might solve the problem, but similar problem - it would stop randomly on a frame, but the audio would still continue, and sometimes be broken/distorted and also locking up everything. I even tried switching video players (from VLC to WMP, and even Zplayer), and same again. Even switched the file over to a different hard drive, same problem!

So, as you can imagine I'm a tad annoyed over this little problem! Even took the GFX card out of the slot, double-checked it was connected properly (and removing a tiny amount of dust just in case) and reconnected everything and made sure everything was connected, and it was. Alas, the problem still exists, and just find it strange how it's only video that screws up, while games/everything else is fine. And for the record, the soundcard I use is a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio, which is also up to date.

Long post I know, but felt I had to give as much info as I could! My friend mentioned the newest Catalyst drivers *could* be a problem, but is unverified since it's such a selective problem.

Thanks for any help/advice you can give! :)
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  1. You could try installing the older drivers.
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