Monitor goes blank when game launches.

Hey all I have a VX922(viewsonic 19inch LCD) monitor and I've been having problems lately every time I try to launch a game. Basically when the game launches my monitor goes completely black and the power LED blinks. I've called Viewsonic and they've told me that it might be because of the stress i've put on the display by playing games on high resolution/refreshrate, but I've done all my gaming on 1024/768 resolution and have just recently switched to 1280/1024.

My computer specs are such,

E8400 3.6 Gigahertz Overclocked
4 Gig of Gskill 1066 RAM
250 Gig WD 7200 RPM HD
MSI 9600 GT 512mb
Vista Enterprise 64 bit

I can run the on my desktop fine and it'll stay on for days, the menu screen gives me the following frequency during desktop mode:

H.Frequency : 64 KHZ
V.Frequency : 60 Hz

When I launch a game every goes black and I can't even check my frequency.

I have another 17inch viewsonic and it'll run fine on that so I know it's not my video card. So if anyone can shed some light on what can be done about my Display or should i just throw 200 dollars out the window?

EDIT: I tried to change my monitor Refresh Rate from 60 to 75 and it caused the problem. So now I know it's when my monitor refresh rate changes...

I am not to knowledgeable in this department so is there anything I can do or is my monitor too damaged to be saved?
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  1. Is your pci-e bus locked at 100mhz? If not it might be the case. The monitor should be okay, if not I would talk to viewsonic and see if they have a solution, just don't mention the part about the refresh rate. Just said it went black all of a sudden.
  2. When you hook up the 17" screen, check the refresh rate on that. Perhaps it is going higher when you start your game.
  3. Viewsonic don't know what they are talking about. Too much stress from high resolutions? You can only go as high as the monitor was designed to be run all the time. :heink:

    I agree with jtt283, the game is probably setting it higher, especially if you have it set higher from an earlier time (like if you ran a CRT for example). Try removing the game's config file and that should force the game to reset the default refresh rate to 60Hz. Alternatively you could just edit the config file. It may be windows or the driver not just the game though.
  4. Well guyz i have the same prob but a little different...
    I have a samsung LCD 125x CM ... i put a new graphics card 128 ASUS A9250 i have 2x 512 ram 1.6Ghz procesor. When i played WoW ( World Of Warcraft) it was running fine... i use a UPS to prevent pc crashing from power cuts .. but i used it a few times to hide i was playing ... a week later BAM! i put WoW and monitor goes blank and the little light keeps flashing.... im still in the game but the only way for ma monitor to work i need to restart my PC... iv asked so many people how to fix this thye dont know :@... well if any1 has an idea plz share.
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