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Alright well I recently moved my computer upstairs because it's just way too noisy downstairs, and I can't focus on anything I'm doing. The router (WRT54GS) and modem are located downstairs, so to get Internet on this computer now, I purchased the Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter to get a connection. It's fine for browsing and downloading and whatnot, but being an avid gamer, I really cannot have the lag and the instability. When I'm playing my Warcraft I can barely play a game without massive delay, or disconnecting from it completely. I can't host games for my buddies anymore either. What do I do? Do I upgrade to an N-based setup instead of G for a little more range? My friend said something called a cable drop through the wall. Anyone care to elaborate? Your time is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Your friend probably means running an ethernet cable between the rooms -- if both systems are within reach of a window on the same side of the building, drilling the window frame is a better option than mutilating the plasterwork.

    If in fact you are immediately above, putting the router and your computer close the window may improve wireless connection -- but, basically, wireless isn't great for gaming.
  2. I see. Would it affect the connection very much if the distance the cable was running was quite long? I mean my house isn't even big, but it would still be running a cable from downstairs to upstairs and to the side. The router and this computer are actually pretty much on opposite sides of the house.
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