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Hello All,

I have been searching the boards and several Internet websites for a few days to find any professional reviews about Thermaltake SwordM VD500LBNA. It seems like a solid case, comes with a nice liquid cooling system so the case should last me few years and I should be able to OC a little more than if only using air cooling. I could care less about the looks of the case as function and performance is everything to me. I wanted to see if anyone on here uses it, pros, cons,..etc. Newegg now has a special going for it and I am about to buy it.

This will be my first system build in over 4 years, my current computer is a Dell XPS Gen2 which was great back in the day but now it cant even hold itself against $700 builds. I am still trying to catch up and read several reviews on MBs, CPUs, PSUs,.etc

This build will be mostly gaming and occasionally video editing so I am leaning a lot towards a single GX280 vs. 2 8800 in SLI (this way I am not tied up to buying an Nvidia SLI chipset MB as I read several bad reviews about it. Anyway, I will stop typing now as I still have a lot of research to do before buying anytime soon and make some people upset in here.
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  1. A Dell PC will always be more expensive than a similarly configured home build since the price covers more than the parts.

    If you want a single nvidia gpu, you can go with any Intel-chipset board like X38/X48/P45.

    If by professional you mean Anandtech/Tom's, you'll have a hard time looking for reviews for everything. A Google search turned up:

    The case is well designed. It has cooling potential. However, the bottleneck is the crap watercooling kit that looks like BigWater with a dual-fan radiator. If the case can be sold alone w/o the co2 kit, it'd be a great case. You can throw in a pre-built co2 kit like Swiftech's:
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