QSLI Bottleneck?

Time for a new build. :)

Anyway, I've got two questions...
1) Will there be much of a bottleneck, if any, if I run dual 9800GX2's in QSLI with an Intel C2D E8400? The E8400 runs at 3.0GHz stock - I will be using liquid cooling and aiming for an overclock to around 4.0GHz.

2) I was looking around at power supplies and found the Zalman ZM850-HP 850w (continuous) power supply. It's supposedly approved for dual 9800GX2's, but will that really work out? Vital specs listed below.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Motherboard: XFX MB-N780-ISH9 nForce 780i
Video Cards: EVGA 01G-P3-N892-A3 GeForce 9800 GX2 in QSLI
RAM: Kingston 4GB DDR2 800

Better safe than sorry, so that's why I'm asking.
I'll assume this is a fair question since it's only my third build :??:
Any help is appreciated guys - thanks in advance.

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  1. No it would not bottleneck ... it would be a huge waste of money though ... especially since GTX280 and Radeon 4870 are just 2 weeks away.

    Thats a Tier 2 PSU... you should get Tier 1 PSU ( higher tier = better) like PCP&C Silencer 850
  2. Alright, thanks. :)
    I just wanted to be sure.

    And I know about the upcoming releases, but I'm still waiting to see what I want to do.
    I don't think I want to wait and get a 280 (or two) right now though. Considering that the GX2's are some of the best on the market currently, I think I'll be fine with these for a while...

    Not only that, but I'd rather just wait for benchmarks and personal reviews of them too - that way I also won't have to deal with any bugged drivers. After everything seems to be worked out I'll probably trade the GX2's in for a pair of 280's... well, as long as the price on 'em doesn't drop to something around $300 haha.
  3. Id say going with G280s in sli would do anything out today, except Crysis at 30" res at high with eye candy on. And, 2 G280s will more than likely be price competitive with a quad 9800 setup
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