Age of Conan Gameplay Performance and IQ @ Hardocp

Interesting. This is where 8800gt stomps the 9600gt all over the place. 3870 seems to be stomping the 9600gt as well. It seems this game uses a lot more shader to make the pronounced difference.

I'm just wondering where my 8800gs fits into all this. I'm thinking my overclocked 8800gs perform more like 8800gt than 9600gt in this game long as my vram doesn't run out. My overclocked specs at least match a 8800gt but no matter how much you overclock 9600gt it can never match because missing tmu and SP.

These reviewers really need to start sticking in the 8800gs/9600gso into the mix. :(
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  1. Too many cards, so little time. nVidia saturated the market, no review site has time to do all nVidia cards, let alone an ATI comparison on top of that, using all those cards.
  2. The "Newest" MMO in town being tested in DX9 ? Honestly all GPUs "seemed" much alike, that is with similar performances. None was groundbraking, none was too shabby. I dont seee nay GPUs being stomped.

    I see a benchmark with DX9, for a game that "should" be already running on DX10 and a nice 64Bits OS.
    Sorry marv but this benchies i wont take them much in consideration. Its my honest opinion, not trying to flame.
  3. Did you bother to look at the resolution and settings 9600gt was playing at?

    8800gt was using full quality and running higher resolutions than 9600gt and still equal in frames with 9600gt. 3870 is the same way with further drawing distance and higher resolution.

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