Problem playing games (see pic)

Hello everybody

Did anyone has this kind of issue when playing games?

It still can play but then it can be blurry...see nothing at usually happens when playing some heavy-load games like Crysis and Gear of War(even could happen when only entering menu like pic above).CPU and GPU temperature is decent....then i need to restart Windows because 90% of the time ATI's VPU recover didnt manage to recover anything at felt like it didnt detect any failure at all......what could be the problem?

This is my system's spec:

Asus M2A-MVP revision 0503
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
Western Digital Raptor 74GB
Western Digital Caviar 300GB
2GB Apogee GT DDR2 800 CL4-4-4-12
HIS ATi Radeon X1950 Pro 512MB
Lite-on LH20A1P DVD Writer
9-in-1 Card Reader

Windows XP with Service Pack 2
ATi Catalyst 8.5(latest)
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  1. Looks like a great example of overheating
  2. what are your cpu and gpu temperatures?
  3. Looks like your card is overheating and displaying artifacts or there's some bad shaders on your card.
  4. lol assassins creed always crashes...

    I installed it on my heavily overclocked computer... and it ran for 5 minutes max before the computer froze...

    I had to set everything back to default... decreased my processor speed by 1.5 ghz, underclocked my 8800 gts 640 (which isn't helpful at 1920 by 1200 =( ), and set my ram back to 800 mhz 444 12 from 1200 mhz 5 4 4 12...

    yeah, idk if you have overclocked anything... but try reseting everything back to normal... if you haven't overclocked... i'd suspect its like what every body else said: Overheating
  5. My CPU is around 33c~36c while the GPU is around 54c~58c....seems quite fine...i'm using Cooler Master GeminII with 2x 120mm Cooler Master LED Silent...while the card is HIS Iceq3 Turbo Edition....when idle CPU is only around 22c and GPU is 41c....but games like Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare and Need For Speed Prostreet does run very well.....
    Sometimes i think it was my mobo....Asus has serious voltage stability issue...some moment when i turn on my pc(especially cold fresh start)it said on the BIOS POST: Overclocking failed!Press F1 to enter setup or Press F2 to load setup default...
    What the?!!I didn't overclocked any of my system's components at all and yet,the BIOS sometimes tell me that overclock failed????The Asus ConfigFree setting are all Standard(default).....and other setting are default too....tried updating the BIOS...improved voltage stability but not video issue....:(..........anyway thanks for asking....thinking of getting a new MSI K9A2 Platinum.....
  6. The temps you list seem good enough. As to the "Overclock Failure", other than messing around in the BIOS, it can be caused by insufficient voltage. If its a voltage problem, either you need to raise the voltages in the BIOS, or you need to check the PSU to make sure its putting out enough volts. A PSU that's either too small or is failing can cause problems which you are experiencing.

    It is possible that your video card is failing, or the heatsinks have gotten stuffed with dirt or something and its overheating when under load. I had a 1900 XTX that would do that. It would appear normal until I got into a game, and then it would overheat and slow down, along with producing a lot of artifacts. ATI's VPU Recover didn't do much good for my 1900 XTX either.
  7. Try cleaning the heatsinks with canned air in case the heatsink/fan is clogged, maybe try a pci slot cooler fan directly under the card to help pull hot air away as well.
  8. thanks for your information sailer.the card look a bit clogged but the card is still under warranty so will clear out the dust after couple more months.But as for voltage insufficient,will turning the Cooln'Quiet make the CPU unstable?(under XP Power Option scheme:Miminal Power Management)though it help a lot to put the CPU on light load(from 3.0Ghz to 991Mhz)....and the CPU went down to a cool 22c....
  9. thanks a lot too ohiu_grad_06...i will try to clean it when warranty is over and i'm using a single PCI slot fan cooler(really works well to draw hot air)but my system require a bit of work to get rid of hot air...the back of my PC case originally got a 120mm fan but then Cooler Master's GeminII is so wide that it eat into my back fan's this is what i did:

    Notice the back case fan(beside CPU cooler)
    The white 120mm Gigabyte fan was supposed to be there but then i decided to buy another new one to mod it
    Below the CPU cooler(above the GPU as well)i already uses a PCI slot fan.Works like a dream...

    The fan's bracket has to be cut away because with the bracket it wouldn't fit inside at all...then i took 4 wire tie
    to tied up the fan(because impossible to screw it anymore)

    Then voila,all things work prefectly well(although little adjustment required in order to prevent the fan hit the CPU cooler)

    Earlier days when i wanted to try out this mod my friend though my brain was fried and said it was impossible...
    But then they all had too take a look to believe after i did the mod... :)

    Not what you call pretty solution but it work perfectly well for me!!
  10. But overall i still suspect that my mobo isn't working stable enough...many of my partner reported that they seldomly will face this sort of failure with Asus mobo...the voltage always didnt regulate stable enough resulting in system was a clever mobo with some feature that doesn't come with some mobo maker but overall,this Asus M2A-MVP felt disappointed(and entirely let down by the stupid overcloking failed thing...)and some of the connector not cleverly laid out(instead it was difficult)

    Will get a new mobo afterall since nowaday newer mobo support more than 2 Crossfire(Crossfire X)faster Hyper Transport,faster PCI-E with 2.0 and faster chipset(AMD 480X chipset run at 8X only for both PCI-E slot when Crossfire was set up except AMD 580X)and the MSI K9A2 Platinum remains my first choice thanks to its great PCI-E slot layout and great price tag...

    Still,anyone had any other solution about this hideous problem?Thanks
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