should this worry me?

i have this crappy laptop, hp dv9008nr. it has always been giving me problems and iv had the motherboard replaced twice. recently i noticed severe instability using ntune so i uninstalled it and the lappy has been working ok. well today i picked it up and it felt uber hot. checked the temps with speedfan and i got this.

this is running absolutley nothing, and my amd temp is almost 50 degrees at idle and my 6150 graphics are at 70+ idle.
so... should this worry me?
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  1. Yes at idle those temps are too high. I Believe that laptop components have a higher heat tolerance, but those temps are just way to high. Are you leaving the laptop on carpet? That can raise temps i know.
  2. i shut it off for a while to let it cool and checked the temps with the vents off of the table and temps dropped by 10 degrees so now im at 40 and 60 degrees idle.
  3. 70 C at Idle is HOT.
    First I would download and run realtemps for a comparision.

    What is the ambient temp (room temp).
  4. 70-75 f
  5. and realtemps for intel only
  6. Get a laptop cooler, should help with temps a bit.
  7. Wow, that is pretty warm. I've seen my desktop video cards hit 70c at full loads, but never at idle. Make sure your vent slots are cleaned and such. I'm sure you've probably checked this.

    If you have a can of compressed air perhaps see if you can blow some dust bunnies out of the laptop, maybe there's some crud stuck in there insulating it too?
  8. yeah i checked for dust and the like, still hovers around 70c. this puppy is going back to best buy for the 6th time! yay hp!
  9. just hit 81 degrees at 50 percent cpu load.
  10. talked with the hp techie (who actually spoke english and knew what he was doing!) and we agreed and either the board was getting too much voltage or the hs had detached so im sending it back to them for, wait for it... FREE!!!
    so ill update later.
  11. Nice free is always good!
  12. just got it back. the receipt said they replaced the lcd cover (the heat caused it to unglue), the motherboard and the heatsink. idles in the 50s on a table so ther is a significant improvment there. thanks for the help!
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