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I have a HP laptop running windows vista and just recently my dvdrw drive doesnt show up in windows. I have rebooted, tried safe mode and even flash the bios and still nothing. When I check event viewer it shows 2 errors, one is for the plug and play manager stating the dvd drive disappeared without notifying it was removing it and a error for cd rom saying still not ready. Any ideas of what the cause could be or a solution to fix it.
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  1. does it show in bios
  2. Yes it shows in BIOS just not Vista
  3. you can try disconnecting all cables to drive and boot up, then shutdown and reboot with them connected again. If it shows in device manager you will want to uninstall before shutting down and disconnecting the cables.

    If that doesn't work try another drive and see what happens.
  4. Did you try partitioning it?
  5. asjflask said:
    Did you try partitioning it?

    How would you go about partitioning a dvd drive?
  6. It a laptop so the drive is internal , the drive opens and you hear it reading but since windows doesnt recognoze it nothing happens. Any ideas of why it would just disappear, could it be the drive since theres a plug and play error.
  7. I've seen that happen when some registry files become corrupted.
    If you're not afraid to edit your registry you can try doing this:

    Open up regedit and find


    Select UpperFilters and delete. Do the same thing with LowerFilters. You might also see UpperFilters.bak or LowerFilters.bak, delete those as well.

    Exit the registry editor and reboot your computer.
  8. Yeah try what Smokie suggested; I've used that several times to resolve issues like that. Definitely check device manager too.
  9. I will try that next and let you guys know either way, thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Tried the regedit suggestion and still didnt work, any other suggestions.
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