When installing a CPU should it Snap into place?

I am installing a 775 chip into a EVGA 780i board and noticed that the CPU just sits under the door thing, should it snap into the MB or does the lever arm and door thingy hold it into place? I haven't built a PC in a few years and was surprised not to see any pins on the CPU. Thanks for you assistance :hello:
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  1. yep 0 force is needed. Make sure you remove the CPU plate from the hinge.

    PS the lever does take some force to close it. First time i was scared i was going to break the cpu but all worked out.
  2. Yep, the lever arm holds it into place, no force needed for the normal insertion. The lever holds it quite firmly though- on my first 775, I was afraid I would damage something.
  3. make sure you have the triangel facing the ram

    force is need with the cpu cooler too
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