Thermalright Ultra 120 Ext. vs Ultima 90I

Ok, I don't want to overclock mainly. Its more about the temps.
My case is just 7.25" wide (I measured the top), so I don't think the TRUE would fit.

Will the Ultima 90I do a good job without a fan (or with an unbranded 90mm?)

PS. I do NOT have good airflow in my case.
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  1. It is a very good cooler but will need a fan. For a case that can't fit a true this would be my choice. It will fit a 120mm fan also which would work better than a 92 but both will fit.
  2. Will it be good even if my case has bad air flow?
  3. You realize this is kinda a dumb question. Bad airflow = hot air in case. And blowing hot air across a heatsink won't let it cool well. However, if you're not overclocking, you'll probably be ok.
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