can someone tell me if its good enough for gaming.

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  1. Switch to this CPU (E7200 45nm, higher clock and multiplier, lower fsb, cheaper)

    You are missing RAM. DDR2 800MHz for upto 4GHz OC.
    And you need a good cooler. XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 for around $40.

    Coolermaster doesn't have the best of reputations for PSUs.
    Their case however is great. The rest is good.
    Be sure to check reviews for each item on
    It will help you decide.

    Also check this thread for some Canadian links :
  2. try to find the latest generation of seagate hard drives, as in the 7200.11 with 32mb cache. something like this:

    excellent case, not sure about the psu
  3. I think that will totally slay Burgertime AND Bump N' Jump, but it might need more power for dig dug 3d !
  4. I agree with Andrius. I'm not fond of Coolermaster PSU's. I'd be more trusting of Antec, PC Power and Cooling, Seasonic, and even OCZ. The Antec will most likely be the cheapest out those four. The cheapest out of the Antec series will probably be the EarthWatts series. I also agree with him on a good cooler. His suggestion of the Xigmatek is a good one, though I'm kind of fond of the OCZ Vendetta II myself. Oddly enough, the Vendetta II can be found for around the same price of the Xigmatek and it's design is also based off of the Xigmatek lol.

    I also agree with godless, look for a seagate 7200.11 series HDD. The 32MB of cache should also be a nice addition.

    I can't comment on the CPU as I'm an AMD/ATI man myself. However, I can say that the 8800GT is a good choice, along with the case.

    As far as RAM goes, I'm partial to Crucial, but that may be out of your budget. Cheaper quality alternatives could be OCZ, Corsair, or maybe even G.Skill. People seem to love the sh!t out of some of G.Skill's products.

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