Speed fan reads 0.00v @ +3.3v on striker 2 formula

Hi ppl i have a Asus Striker 2 Formula mobo with a q6600 @ 3.3ghz 1.36v wc, 4x1gb ddr 2 corsair dominator 5,5,5,15 22 2.1v and xfx 9600 gt sli !!
Here is the deal; speed fan reads 0.00 volt on 3.3+volt.
Is it normal, or is there something wrong with my oc ??
would appreciate some enlightment on this issue!
Tnks in advance!!
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  1. Here is the link to a screen shoot showing what i mean!

  2. Looks like speedfan does not know how to read that sensor.

    I have seen 12 volt lines from 4-90 and many other glitches.

    As long as the system is stable i would not worry.

    Try HWmon and see if it works.
  3. Speed fan can be a real ball buster. It is understandable though, there are a lot of mobos and it's free.
  4. Tnks for the quick answers, but i have another question
    that you guys might know the answer too !
    So here it goes....
    My primary pci ex slot is at a 5000 mhz frequency, my secondary and third slots are @ 2500 mhz!
    is that the way it should be, or should i overclock it to 5000mhz in this case the second slot?

    Tnks in advance

    hope i`m not doing things wrong by posting this question on this thread
  5. PCI-E runs at 100mhz, both slots should be running at the same speed. The board should set them on its own.

    please explain where the 5000 and 2500 come from so we can better help you.
  6. I`m posting a screen shoot of motherboard section in nvidia monitor where you can read both 5000 and 2500 mhz on pci express 2.0 slots.

    Here is the image!!

    Tnks in advance.
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