` . ']XFX 9600 GT with Ultra X-Finity EE 600W?[' . `

I bought a XFX 9600 GT Xtreme Edition(512) and I want to know if a Ultra X-Finity EE 600W I am in the way of buying is good enough for it.
Thanks in advanced.
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  1. A stock 9600GT only consumes 60w of power. Not sure how overclocked the XFX is, but it shouldn't be more than an extra 5w.

    Ultra PSU sux. For better stability and build quality look for the Corsair 550VX which is a fairly inexpensive, but good quality PSU.
  2. awwwwwwwww wtf...... :/ i cant find a Corsair 550VX on ebay and i already purchased the ultra.... I READ IN THE PSU FAQS WTFFFF
  3. There's more to shopping than just eBay. Oh well, you bought the Ultra already.
  4. ok uhhhm, if you can help me find somewhere where i can find that otehr psu and be able to pay with money order, i would deeply appreciate it. Is that psu really that bad, or what? i am new to these things, but i thought it was good since i saw it in a sticky posted by someone in the psu section. and they linked to another site.
    thanks in advanced :sweat:
  5. my ultra xvs 600 works just fine and i got it on the cheap. 36a rail will definatly run that card. my 8800 gs only requires 26a so you should be set.
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