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Hey everyone again. So at my office we are trying to set up Wireless Roaming I believe they call it. I have found many guides and looked through many forums and still cannot get this working. I'll update this forum with specific router setting and what not later but I wanted to make sure first of all that a few small things did not matter. So the brand of the routers does not have to be the same I'm hoping? I live in Hong Kong and the routers our other IT bought are kinda random no name brands. Also with one router have a DHCP setting, does it matter WHICH one has DHCP turned on and which has it turned off? For one router it seems that I can choose on or off and the other I cant find that option. And last quick question, once this is setup, if I were to walk around the office, will the the connection have to... reconnect when it switches router?

Thanks, hoping for some gooood replies
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  1. Ok. So I never ended up getting this wireless roaming to work out and was wondering if somebody wanted to help out this week. As of now I have much better routers then I did before and they are the same brand which will I think destroy compatability issues.

    PCI BLW-54CW

    I swear by now I have tried every single different way to get this working and it just wont. I've even tried the ways that I knew were completely wrong just to be extra sure. Does anyone have ANY advice at all. If someone wants I can post the details here but I did not get replies last time so I'll wait on that.

    Thanks Errbodyy

    EDITTT Here are my full details


    IP - 192 168 1 11
    Subnet Mask - 255 255 255 0
    Default Gateway - 192 168 1 20
    DNS - 192 168 1 100
    DHCP 192 168 1 201
    192 158 1 220
    802.11 B/G/N
    Channel 1

    BLW - No DHCP option (could that be the problem)

    IP - 192 168 1 12
    Subnet Mask - SAME
    Default Gateway - SAME
    DNS - No option/Does not show
    DHCP No option/Does not show
    802.11 G
    Channel 6
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