9800GTX Problems?

Here are my specs.

Mobo: eVGA 750i FTW (SZ1B)
CPU: Q6700 @ 2.66(No OC) with a Xigamtek Heatsink
Memory: x2 Corsair TWIN2X4069DHX (8g Total, No OC)
PSU: Thermaltake 850W
GPU: x2 9800GTX's in SLi (Forceware 175.16, No OC)
Case: NZXT Tempest
HD: x2 320gb Seagate Barracuda's
Optical: x1 DVD-ROM x1 DVD-R/RW-CD-R/RW
OS: Vista Ultimate 64-Bit

Alrighty, heres the problem.
ANY game I play crashes within a certain time frame.

Age of Conan - 3-5 mins after I log into a toon.
Crysis - 30-45 mins of play.
COD4 - 10-15 mins of play.

If I Alt+Tab to the desktop ill sometimes have a notice on the toolbar saying that the display driver has crashed and vista recovered it. Other times ive had it completely crash and my screen is very torn and pixelated. Ive had one BSOD also, nvlddmkm.sys was the reason for the crash/reboot. This is tried both in SLi and not in SLi, both crash. Ive also tried to switch the cards around and reseat them, same effect.

Now I know im not the only person with this problem, Ive seen a few other post on scattered forums. But not much is said about it. Maybe because no one knows?

People blame overheating of the GPU. I use eVGA Percision and GPU1 idles at 42 and GPU2 at 40-41. I'll monitor it during the crashes and its only its barely even heating up. GPU1 gets about 51-52 and GPU2 get 49-50, So its not heat. Some say PSU. I used a PSU calculator and it said a 650W would run my rig, ive got 850W. Memory, I ran memtest overnight, while I slept, and it came back with no errors. The OS, alot of people are completely fine runing a 9800GTX in XP and Vista, but not 64-bit. Maybe lack of 64 bit support? Lastly, drivers. Alot of people are saying that the 9800GTX is still kinda "new" to the drivers that are currently being released and they will be many bumps in the road before a solid fix.

The reason I posted is to see how many other people are having this problem that have similar rig specs. Or if anyone has come up with somewhat of a solution to make it partially stable.
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  1. try the previous driver and see if its better. the card IS new and nvidia has a bad track record with vista.

    When you crash, does the screen just go black?

    if its a new install and you have nothing to do, you can try to disable the driver recovery. It activates when it thinks the card has become non responsive and resets the driver. IMO it more often then not just crashes trying.


    basically you add the dword TdrLevelOff with a value of 0 to the registry in the following key


    I am not sure if you need to add it as a 64 bit or 32 bit, but try 32 and see what happens.

    As always DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    Check here for others who have done this as well for various reasons

  2. Hey Megapants...i'm having troubles with Crysis as well. After about 30 minutes of game time, the game just freezes. can't alt+tab, can't ctrl+alt+del, can't do anything except reboot the PC manually.

    My Setup:

    Mobo: eVGA 790i Ultra SLI
    CPU: Q6700 @ 2.66 (No OC) with a stock Heatsink
    Memory: OCZ DDR3 Reaper 2x2GB
    PSU: OCZ 780W ModXtream
    GPU: eVGA 9800GTX (no OC)
    Case: Thermaltake Armor+ V6000
    HD: 200GB Seagate Barracuda + 400GB Seagate Barracuda
    Optical: x1 DVD-ROM
    OS: Vista Ultimate 32-Bit

    I hope someone figures out what's going on because i have also noticed that there are other people out there experiencing this problem but don't have a solution.
  3. Same problem here. Get it with all kind of games, from GTA SA to GRID and Crysis. and the troubling thing is that no one seems to have the solution.

    My Setup:

    CPU: AMD Q9950 @ w.6ghz
    Memory: 2048MB DDRIII/1066 Kingston CL7 KIT x2
    PSU: Corsair TX750W
    GPU: Asus 9800GTX/GTX+ (OC)
    HD: 160GB Samsung HM160HI 8/S
    OS: XP home edition 32-bit.

    Hope somebody has a answer
  4. This problem occurred to my friend and the issue was because one of his memory sticks gone bad. Run mem-test and see if you get errors.
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