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Sumbeam CCF and Asus Rampage Formula

Last response: in CPUs
June 30, 2008 1:32:47 PM

well, Saturday I mounted my Sunbeam CCF on my Rampage Formula.
To tell you the truth, when I saw the install kit the first words were "holly sh*t, that will never fit because of the HS on the northbridge".
In the end I was able to install it quite easily, but the space is tight as hell. The only way I could do it is with the fan pushing air toward the top of the case. I could not install it to work in a push-pull with the fan I had on the back of the case, there was no space for the clips between the mounting base and the HS of the NB.
Good things about CCF: Temps on core dropped about 10 degrees (from ~40 to ~30) in Idle and about 16 - 18 (from about 68 to 50-51) under full load (Orthos).
Bad Things about CCF: actually none, but there is some collateral damage: My NB stays in idle at about 47 degree now, but it gets up to 55 under load/gaming. With the stock intel HSF the NB temps were never higher than 50-51.
The case is a CM690, and at the moment I have only 3 fans on it, I might have to add another push-air fan and a pull-air fan to improve the airflow, or just to fit somehow a small fan on the NB HS.

Any other ideas for some cooling for the NB? Even adding a small fan is quite problematic due to space constraints.
Right now everything runs at stock speed, but I plan to do some overclocking soon, and that 55 temp on the NB is holding me back a litle.
June 30, 2008 1:57:37 PM

Get a after market northbridge heatsink. Thermalrite has a weird heatpipe one that might fit.
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