Easy OC guide, total noob

Hey, some weeks ago I found an OC guide for noobs like me. With very good description of everything. It was also pretty long.

Anyone who can find it for me?

love me
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  1. Well if you insist on continuing to be a "noob" then no one is willing to help you. Take the time to understand what the guide says. Then come back with more specific questions.
  2. Hello, I can't find the guide...

    So I don't have any questions regarding it.

    So if anyone could link the guide to me, please.

    It wasn't a sticky either :(
  3. Mind listing more details? Was it for the P35-DS3L?
  4. Here's a hint, GOOGLE
    Type in: OC guide for beginners
    When they come up click on one and start reading, or ask someone to read it to you.
    Just remember when you are done it's very important to turn off your computer.
    Now brush your teeth and go to bed.
  5. there is a great sticky on overclocking in the overclocking section of the forums.
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