Help me choose GPUs

I'm currently working on my first pc build and I need help choosing my GPUs.

I will be using a Dual-SLI configuration.

Here is what the rig will look like sans GPUs:

Case: Cooler Master 690
PSU: Corsair 750TX
MoBo: XFX nForce 780i
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 (possibly the E8400 instead)
RAM: OCZ SLI_Ready Edition 4GB(2x2GB) (could use somne other suggestions)
GPU: Two (2) XFX nVidia GeForce [insert chipset # here]
Sound: Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Fatality
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB 32MB
Burner: Pioneer Black Blu-Ray Rom / DVD Burner
Monitor: Samsung 2253BW Black 22" 5ms,2ms(GTG)

I am mainly looking at these 4 and want to find the "happy medium":

9600 GT
9600 GT Extreme Edition
8800 GT
8800GT Extreme Edition
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  1. 8800gt or extreme edition definately, you can find them pretty cheap and they run games great :)
  2. Did a little research while waiting for a reply and it seems that I can get better performance from the 8800 GT than from the 9600 GT.

    The question now is: Will the extreme versions of each be any different or will the 8800GT chip still beat the 9600GT, both extreme editions?

    After analyzing that, how can I save some money?

    Will 2x 9600 GT Extreme = 2x 8800 GT non-Extreme?

    Will it cost less?

  3. And another thing...If one card is better than the other on it's own am I correct to assume that 2 of the better card in SLI will also be better than 2 of the lesser card also in SLI?
  4. The 8800 GT (plain) will beat the 9600 GT (any).

    I'd recommend getting two plain 8800GT and OC'ing them yourself (it's quite easy but a little time consumming), the Extreme editions are just factory OC'ed cards, so why waste money if you can do it yourself, specially considering that XFX warranty covers OC'ing.

    BTW if you get an 8800GT make sure to replace the reference cooler for an aftermarket one, the reference cooler is quite bad and the card tends to overheat.

    Happy gaming!
  5. I am a very noob builder and I do not plan on overclocking anytime soon.

    Do you still recommend the regular 8800 GT or the extreme edition?
  6. Why not a Radeon 3870??
  7. I was also wondering:

    Are vid cards that take up 2 expansion slots gonna be the norm from now on?


    Am I able to SLI 2 cards of different #s? Like SLI a 8800GT with a 8800GTX or something like that?
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