Looking for Some Help with the Antec 900 and EVGA 780i Mobo

I finished my build today, having been waiting on my Antec 900 to get here. Everything went fine, and I thought I even managed to do a decent wiring job. When I got done, I booted my computer and everything looked good as far as the BIOS went. I did notice that the 200 mm fan and neither of the two front 120 mm fans (in the HDD bays) were spinning. This seemed odd to me, especially since the 200 mm shared the same power cord as two other fans that were working fine. Things got worse, however, when the computer wouldn't boot Vista 64-bit from the DVD drive. It would load the files and then show the dreaded BSOD. I have heard that it would only boot if just one stick of RAM was in (I had two in). Might that be the problem, or is it something else? I haven't got a chance to try it with just one stick in yet. Also, I rearranged the cables to make things more efficient and redid the fan power cords, but again have not tried it again yet. If anyway knows what the problems could be, please let me know. Thanks a lot.

System specs: Q9450, EVGA 780i mobo, 4 GB 1066 Dominator RAM, WD Caviar 750 GB HDD, Pioneer DVD Burner, Zalman 750 Watt Modular PSU, EVGA 9800 GTX SSC, Xigamatek 92 mm CPU Cooler w/ Arctic Silver 5
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  1. Sorry I cant be a lot of help but I will tell you a few things that happened to me.

    Do the fans have two connectors? One big and one small? the small ones are optional meant to be connected to the mobo so it can throttle them. You dont have to have it hooked up. The big one HAS to be hooked up, you cant just choose one or the other. I dont remember if the stock fans on my nine hundred had two connectors so I dont know if this is a possibility.

    Do you get any messages when vista dies or does it just crap out? When I first tried to install it failed on me because it didnt like my DVD drive. I guess vista doesnt like a lot of drives, its really stupid. 1 of 3 IDE drives worked and the one SATA drive I tried worked so if you have an IDE drive its likely you will need to use a different one.

    I wish I had more to share but this is all I can think of. I know in these situations any new possibilities are welcome
  2. Nevermind, I got everything to work successfully today. I disconnected and reconnected all the case fans and the power cords from the PSU, that got them working. As for Vista, it turns out that it is true that you must install the 64-bit version of it with only one stick of RAM in the slot. I took out one of my 2 GB sticks and the installer fired up right away.
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