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Hello everyone. I have a compaq with everything already loaded; I have tried system restore points, and a worm virus or something has wiped out all my virus protection software - Norton and spybot. I can not reinstall the virus protection as norton suggests either.

I have tried both f10 at the beginning screen and through the start menu of complete system restore. The computer begins to shut down then takes me back to the compaq screen. Even if I do turn the computer off at that point the system restore does not take effect. Any suggestions?

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  1. Your best bet may be to install your HDD into a friend's computer that has a strong, up-to-date A/V program, and then have your friend run complete A/V scan on your HDD. Then reinstall the HDD to your computer and see if you can boot into windows. If you can, load a strong A/V program and do a complete system scan. Repeat until it finds no bad things. Then connect to the internet and update your anti-virus definitions and run another complete system scan.
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