Cant format harddrive and install windows:(

I have 65 Computers need to format and install new window for the deployment this weekend. But unfortunately, 3 of these computers cant format and install new windows using installation cd. It can detect and boot from cd but when I hit any key botton to boot from cd after a minute the installation screen turn black then stop installation but the machine is still up.
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  1. try replacing ur cd rom or ur instalation cd..
  2. If all computers are all identical, and you have a volume license, install completely, including drivers and applications. Make a disk image of that one computer and install image to all the other computer's hard drives, then re-install all hard drives, it's much faster.

    If you have 65 retail copies of Windows, do the same thing and then go back one at a time, changing Product keys in each machine. It's still faster than doing 65 individual installs.

    If the machines can support more than one drive, you can go to OnTrack® and get their
    Disk Manager setup program which includes cloning drives without making an image first. Just plug in the 64 remaining drives one at a time and clone the existing, pre-setup drive.
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