Airflow question -- w/ pic!!

Also not pictured, I have a 120mm intake fan at the front.

Do you think that is a problem that I have 2 120mm fans from PSU and the back of the case pushing air out of the case so close to the cpu fan which is pulling air from the from the same area?

Also my front fan is slower than the rear one and also combined with the PSU fan. I have side vents but I don't use the tube thing or a side fan.
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  1. I think the two 120mm fans in the back will just help pull the cool air in from the front. So it will help your cpu cooler, supplying it with cooler air.

    It is better to have more exhaust than intake, because with exhaust, it will just create a vacuum that will pull as much air in as possible through all the holes and stuff.

    If you have too much intake, it will pressurize it, which isn't good.

    Pretty much more exhaust just forces there to be more intake to balance out.

    I'd say you still wouldn't want it to be completely unbalanced though, and the way if have it now is jsut fine.
  2. Nope, you're fine. If anything those two fans will draw cooler air towards the CPU. You might get a slight vacuum effect reducing the CPU fan's efficiency, but I think the fact that the other fans are sucking out the hot air from the CPU will counter the vacuum effect by reducing the temperature of the air coming in to the heatsink. In other words, there's a far less chance of recycling the warm air the way it's set up and it should even itself out.
  3. cool thanks for the replies. I was just afraid that the top corner of my case would have a hot spot because I was thinking as hot air tries to leave through the 120mm fans, it gets sucked back in by the cpu fan before it gets a chance to escape and would keep doing that...
  4. looks good overall to me, if you did use the cpu duct it might get an injection of cooler outside air to the cpu. try it with and without the cpu air guide and monitor temps. Since your case is ATX in size, next time get an full ATX motherboard so you dont have to have a pci card right next to your video card, limiting circulation around it. Looks like a good build!
  5. If you have the holes to mount a side fan you could mount one there to balance it a little more. I find this also helps directly lower CPU temps.
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