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Hello all. I have read the "ISO image to USB flash" thread and tried to do the "xcopy" to copy my windows image to a USB flash. Unfortunately, i have failed coz it said not enough space. However it's a formatted 2GB flash drive, and should be enough since the ISO is only 707MB. But i've found that it's also impossible to burn it into a DVD using nero, still, the size is to blame. The only way to burn it into a DVD is by using MagicISO, which compressed the folder in extreme ratio to a 707MB size. Hence, it would be extremely big if i just extract the iso.
The size of ISO:

The size inside the ISO:

For a record, it's Wesmosis Windows XP SP2.5 The Final.
Ive also ried to use MagicISO instead but it's no use since MagicISO can only burn it into CD/DVD, not a USB Flash Drive. Any idea? Thanks in advanced.
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  1. You can try using Daemon Tools to mount the ISO as a drive so that you can copy the content from it. Or how 'bout another ISO reader?
  2. Tried to do that, which mount by using Daemon Tools, but results in 114gb, just like the above screen showned. And when i try to copy the whole iso, it's still insufficient space. Any idea?
  3. Hello
    Try WinToFalsh
    Download n try it. Its best software to copy setup and boot to usb.

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