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My computer was "fixed" by a tech but the audio doesnt work. After some digging I found that the PCI Device looks like the problem. It needs updated or installed, but the wizard cant find it. And i cant figure out how to find it either.
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  1. no audio driver is installed or wrong audio driver was installed in your pc..
    check the audio or board model and download the appropriate drivers..
  2. Since you appear to know how to get to device manager, I'll skip that...

    Go to control panel, System, Advanced, Environmental Variables, User variables for (your name here)

    Click "New" and enter this:

    Now, go to device manager, View, Click "Show Hidden Devices" and look for your sound card there. It may be greyed out. Right-click to uninstall. When completed, Click Action, Scan for new hardware,
    and if sound card is found, install drivers again, unless your sound driver has a self-installing package. In that case, run the sound card installer instead of scanning for new hardware.
  3. Unless you have a PCI soundcard, it's not the issue.

    What kind of motherboard and/or soundcard do you have?
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