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my question is what is the difference between pci express 2.0 and pci express 1.0. Im building a computer for first time and wondering if i should be looking for a pci express 2.0 board.
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  1. pci-e 1.1 vs 2.0

    Double the frequency. Equates to double the data throughput. So pci-e 2.0 at 16x equals the speed of pci-e 1.1 at 32x. Another fact about 2.0 is that it can provide 200 watts of power to the card vs 1.1's 75 watts. As of now the current generation of GPU's do not even take up the bandwidth of 1.1, but it is always nice to pave and enlarge the roads before the traffic becomes to great (I just wish the gov. would think that way).
  2. that would be nice. and due to graphics not using up that bandwidth, why dont they make cpu upgrades for the slot. it would be really nice if people want to upgrade to a nehalem without going for a new mobo. hell, AMD should make a low power gpu/cpu/ram combo card for a pcie 2.0 slot.
  3. terror112 said:
    Another fact about 2.0 is that it can provide 200 watts of power to the card vs 1.1's 75 watts.

    Actually that's 150W, and that's the spec support, few MoBo makers actually added the hardware to support the power requirement, so while most meet the frequency upgrade, a very small minority of MoBos have the ability o supply 150W through the slot.

    BTW, the power spec has been made a separate part of the PCI-SIG specs, (kinda like what happened with SATA), the next specs is PCIe 225/300W 1.0 spec (it got ratified in April);
  4. When do you think we will start seeing this spec being followed, considering the PCIe 2.0 spec for slot power hasn't been followed much?
  5. I think it will happen once there's a major board shift, so IMO, Nehalem is your best bet to see someone actually ensure the power specs are followed to some extent. And with Larrabee pulling down some serious watts too, expect intel to ensure the 225-300W spec on their launch at some point leading up to it.

    Nothing to back that up, just my view from this end of the beer bottle.
  6. Heh, I didn't ask for evidence, I asked for your thoughts ;) It would be nice to see this spec followed and finally get rid of PCIe power cables on midrange cards. To be honest I hope we never need this kind of power from the slot, I'm not an advocate for 'green machine' propaganda, but with CPUs pulling under 65W this is quite ridiculous. If we exceed 300W and need another hike to this spec in the future, something is definitely wrong.
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