HIS HD3870 IceQ3 Turbo Problem

I user the HD3870 Iceq3 Turbo. But any problems;
1. GPU-Z infos seeing hd3800 series not hd3870
2. GPU-Z infos seeing RV670 not RV670XT?
3. On the games freezing and vpu recover,blackscreen,bluescreen errors the offical ati drivers (version 8.5 etc)
Thanks for helps..
Big Regards.

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  1. RV670, RV670XT, same thing. They just call it RV670XT so you can differentiate it from the lower clocked RV670 on the HD3850 which is still the same chip. The Name is just whatever GPU-Z was programmed to display when it detected an RV670 chip. Now if it said something like HD 3600 series you (or the program) would have a problem ;)

    Now you are running at PCIe 4x instead of PCIe 16x. What is your motherboard?

  2. here is my screenshot of gpuz with my diamond 3870.
    rv670xt and rv670 are the same things so you shouldn't worry what gpuz says.
    well your card is really overclocked and that could be the problem. what temps are you getting when you play 3d games? i think that since it happens during playing games, the temperature is the problem. maybe you can download a program like a rivatuner and manually adjust the fan speed. i manually set mine at 40% and my temps are 38 idle, 65 load.
  3. Okay solved thanks for helps. Wrong slot :D
    My mainboard ASUS P5KC
    Power Supply: OCZ 600w
    Idle: 40
    Load: 50-60 (tested, crysis,race driver: grid)

  4. Good to see you got it fixed quick :)
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