8800gt or 9600gt???

Which is better, one 8800gt 512 mb or two 9600gt 512 mb(sli)?? and WHY??
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  1. 9600gt in sli is better and it costs alot.single 8800gt versus single 9600gt, 8800gt is always better.9600gt sli is better than 8800gt sli because 9600gt sli scales better.sli both cards are totally useless if you dont game at high resolutions.in most cases the 8800gt52mb is more than enough.wisemen seek benches for the latest unreal tournament.overclockers seek crysis benches.
  2. okeyyy...thanks...
  3. They're both going to work great, two 8800gts will cost a lot less, scaling shouldnt bother much with latest drivers.
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