Deleted Partition, Formatted by mistake

Dear all,

PLEASE HELP.............

I had a Win XP installation, which I deleted the partition by mistake. Since I had no other OS to try recover from that point, I formatted the machine and loaded Win Vista.

How can I recover my deleted partition from Win Vista ?? All my important data is in that deleted partition. Will I be able to recover the files from the deleted partition from my current Vista installation ??

I have tried almost all partition recovery software, ie, FinalData Enterprise 2.0, ntfs_dr, Partition_Recovery etc. etc.

These software is only showing the deleted files from the current volume. None of them is trying to scan or recover my older deleted partition or its contents.....

Appreciate if someone could shed some light on issue and guide me on how to go about.....

Thanks in advance to all who might be of my help........
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  1. The wording of your question is a little strange, but if I'm reading you right, you formatted the whole drive. which erased everything. It may have been recoverable when you accidentally deleted the partition, but I doubt you'll have any luck now. That data is long gone I'm afraid.

    Data may be recoverable if its deleted, or if a partition is accidentally deleted (possibly). But formatting I believe it will just write zeroes to your drive, essentially there's nothing left for a data recovery agent to find. Then you do a fresh install, and there's nothing for vista to find because it overwrote any stuff you may have hidden on the drive.

    I f this happens again, don't format. Take the drive that is without partition and put it in a friends machine (with a working OS) to see if you can read anything.

    But to ensure that you don't lose anything, do regular backups. Now go back and read what I just wrote 5 times. backup. do it. now.
  2. I think that when you formatted it that was the mistake becuase thats when you wiped the data. I agree with buzznut here you HAVE to backup all the time. I personally back to to a USB drive; just the stuff I really need; I do it once a week. It really does suck when you lose a load of data.

    You have one more lifelife which is IMO, if that data is that important, you should try a professional data recovery company. They might have some bespoke software for this type of thing.
  3. Try GetDataBack... I've seen it do some pretty miraculous things. Vista does not do a low level format, so there is some hope left... BUT DON"T USE THAT DRIVE ANY MORE!

    Ontrack will probably be able to do the job for you if it was really important and you have really deep pockets....
  4. Restorer2000 will recover all your data IF you have enough space on another disk/partition
  5. You kind of have 3 strikes here, I doubt you will be able to retrieve much of anything.
    Strike 1:
    You deleted a partition, which you could have at that point recovered your data.
    Strike 2:
    You formated the drive, which you still might have been able to get some of it back, if you did a quick format. If you did a full format, it is pretty much history.
    Strike 3:
    You then reinstalled an OS, which has overwritten parts of the data that might maybe still had been there.
    The absolute worse thing you can do is keep using a drive that has data on it you want to recover. Everything you do is only further erasing, or rewriting the data so that it is completely lost.
    As someone said, when you deleted the partition, if you would have stopped right then and there, and shut the system down, and asked for help, you could have pretty easily got it all right back.
  6. A full format in xp is recoverable, but not in vista. So, where and how did you format it?
  7. get the "Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit" or toolset the NEWEST version... i forgot sorry its at home...

    I deleted a partition and then nothing else worked but the MSDRT. But if you formatted after...... err... what they all said...
  8. If you formatted your drive when you thought it were lost, use some software to unformat data.

    A month ago, my PC got damaged by virus and partition lost, then I format it to be a new partition. Then I realized my family photos were on the partition. I downloaded freeware - icare data recovery free that helped me restore deleted photos after format.

    BTW, never use it to save files before you get files restored.
  9. It is possible to recover lost files after hard drive reformat and reinstall of Windows. You may see this step by step guide:

    You may also try other data recovery software
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