un-sufficient power message from nvidia

first i am going to start out by telling you all my complete system so it will be easyer for anyone to help me

CPU: amd 64 x2 6000+ 3.0Ghz
Motheboard: Asus M2N4-SLI
Graphics: 2(SLI) EVGA 8600GTS 256MB
Hard drive: 250GB seagate barracuda
basic dvd burner
PSU: antec earthwatt 500watt

im running 2 120mm fans, 1 80mm fan, Zerotherm Cpu cooler BFT-90, 2 Zalman FS-V7 vga coolers, and one pair of Red Cathodes.

Now that you all know my setup i will tell you my problem

i have two problems, the first one is related to my vga cards. not all the time but once in a while when i turn on my red cathodes an error message pops up saying that my vga cards are not receiving sufficient power and that the graphic settings have been reduced to save power...i dont see how this can bee because my power supplie should be able to hold everything i have.

im not sure if this belongs here but my second problem involves my OS, but it could be related to my power problems

in the past month my OS has crashed twice, the first time i had to do a complete reinstall, and start from scratch. and the second time witch was about 3 days ago i was able to repair and keep my files. i dont know how i can be having these problems, my computer is used moslty for gaming. I use Winaso and AVG. so i know my computer is clean..

i hope theres someone out there who can help me... im also new to this forum so im hoping it comes in handy for me
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  1. How old is your psu?
    That would seem to be your issue.
    Your cpu is 125w
    Sli also
  2. You have a power hungry CPU and 2 vid cards, You need better power supply.
  3. +1 for a new PSU
  4. I checked specs on Your PSU. It has 2 17A 12V rails. one of therails feeds CPU and 17A for thatt is more than enough. And then you have 2x 8600 GTS and all the other stuff(HDD,CD ect) on the second rail and 17A is not enough to feed all of that. You should be getting single rail PSU like Corsair VX550 with a single 41A 12V rail or even a VX450 with single 33A 12V rail would do but I would recommend VX550
  5. ^+1 for Corsair 550VX, also consider the PP&C 610.
  6. ainarssems,

    "I plugged in the 8-pin EPS12V connector and proceeded to put a 30A load on it. The PSU did not shut off, which confirmed that my visual observation that all of the +12V leads were in fact coming from the same source on the PCB. The Antec EarthWatts does NOT have multiple +12V rails. It only has one +12V rail with no limiters on any of the connectors."

    From the review here:
  7. How are the cards being fed? They should be on their own leads, without anything else being attached. I'm guessing you have the cathode on the same leads, and the cards aren't getting enough juice because of that.

    See if you can sell those GTS cards and get a real video card. Depending on your settings, a single 8800GT should be faster then your current cards, and it will consume quite a bit less power. (less heat will be emitted also.) If you can sell each of those cards for $50-$75, this won't cost you a lot of money. (if you can sell each GTS for $75, you should be able to find an 8800GT for $150. This means it won't cost you anything.)

    As long as your EW 500 (a Seasonic PSU btw.) is otherwise stable, this might be your best bet. I can only guess why the OS crashed. Were there any error messages? I can't think of any reason why you'd have to reinstall after an OS crash. That seems more like a problem with the harddrives.
  8. Did you plug in the six pin connectors on the video cards?
  9. Antec EarthWatts has 2 separate PCIe power cables.
    I think it should be sufficient for your setup, because those two cards are not uber power hungry.
    EarthWats series is produced by seasonic,so they are good,quality PSUs, no need for the Corsairs.
    Since the problem appears when you turn on the cathode, I think there's your problem! Maybe it's drawing too much power(since cathode requires more power than LEDs).
    I would replace it with some LED lights.
  10. Did not know that it has single rail. It sis advertised as dual rail. Must be cathodes than.
  11. My vote is your PS is to weak for your setup. I would say your 500w PS is just adequate for what you have, right on the edge and you add some lights and doo dads and your over the edge, simple as that. You have a nice setup man, give it a little more juice that it deserves.
  12. Shadow703793 said:
    ^+1 for Corsair 550VX, also consider the PP&C 610.

    Also + 1 for Corsair 550VX
  13. CCFL have a very small power load when running. The CCFL/ON = VidCard not receiving sufficient power might be a problem with the CCFL inverter (converts DC power to AC for CCFL lights) going bad. Switching to LEDs or just doing without the CCFL is probably a good idea.

    Your 2x 2 Zalman FS-V7 vga coolers - running them in Silent or Performance mode? Have the 8600GTS's overclocked?

    Your OS crash might be a sign of a HDD ready to go bad. Get a copy of SeaTools and do a diagnostic run of your HDD just to rule out that possible problem.
    Make yourself a Ultimate BootCD disk (or UBCD 4Win) rescue disk. Usually an OS crash should not need a re-install to get up and running again.

    If it's not a HDD going bad - look for a few ways to back off the +12v power requirements of your PC for a while. If the problems are still occuring you know its not likely to be an underpowered PSU. No reason to jump on a new PSU till you can figure out what is really going on.
  14. ive read reveiws on my PSU and people have had it powering 8800gt in sli, so i dont see how it wouldnt be enough power.

    i dont know how u got that my PSU only has 1 12v rail...i read the whole article that you posted in the link and it even says...

    "The back of the box tells us that this PSU meets ATX12V 2.2 specifications, has full range input voltage capability, has active power factor correction, is quiet, has dual +12V rails, a PCI-e connector (my unit actually had two) and four SATA connectors. The "80 Plus" logo is also predominately displayed on both the front and back of the box" (that came from your link)

    are there any diagnostic programs that can test the whole power supplie to make sure it is working correctly?

    i will run the hard drive diagnostic to see what it shows...
  15. 50cal420 said:
    ive read reveiws on my PSU and people have had it powering 8800gt in sli, so i dont see how it wouldnt be enough power.
    How about the EA500 powering 2x 8800GTS in SLI with an OC'd CPU?

    It's not unusual for a PSU to have dual (or more) "rails" from a single internal power source (making it actually a single rail). If JonnyGuru says single rail (and he does say that) you have a single rail PSU (and that ISNT a bad thing). Many of the better PSUs are single rail and even a lot of the other better PSUs with multiple +12V rails are single rails split with current limiter devices (usually 20Amps) on the individual rails.

    I don't know of any options for testing a power supply with software.
  16. are you serious..... the cathodes draw so much amperage... if you have one or two of those that signicantly increases power drain.... now i wonder why you have power issues when you turn on the cathodes.... maybe not turning them on would solve your problem... they are after all only looks
  17. o btw sorry for double post

    but un-sufficient is better known as insufficient... please change that
  18. Quote:
    the cathodes draw so much amperage...
    How much amperage do they draw?? [:wr2:3]

    And thogrom - deleting a double post is super easy - just use the "Delete this reply" option.
  19. o...
  20. i ran seatools and i passed the long drive self test, and both long and short generic tests. it fail the S.M.A.R.T test..(watever that does)
    and it failed the short drive self test....
    i have no idea wat any of this means ...is my hard drive messed or not?
    i took out my cathodes and i had to RMA my second vga fan because the LEDs went out..

    and thogrom i though this was a computer help forum not a grammer correction forum.
  21. ^ hehe

    i said take out cathodes...

    THEN corrected grammar

    and its fun watching people say stuff like that to me =D
  22. What model of Seagate 250GB Barracuda do you have? 7200.11? 7200.10?

    -> Not all HDDs have SMART technology but if your HDD model does it seems to show you have some type of problem.

    "SMART stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology.
    HDD diagnostic checks are monitored for disk spin speed, sector-level faults, need for recalibration, spin-up time, head disk distance, the temperature of the drive, and various aspects of the drive motor, the media and the servo mechanisms.
    The ocurrence of errors can be noted and compared to standard performance parameters encoded in the diagnostic system. Let's suppose the drive begins to take longer to reach spin speed, and that more retries are needed to attain full rpm, then it can indicate that the drive's bearings or motor are likely to fail.
    Another example would be an increased need for error correction on read data. This could indicate platter surface contamination (restricted to a few disk blocks) or a read head problem (applies to all blocks on a platter).
    The S.M.A.R.T. system can only detect about 70 percent of likely failures. It might not seem that smart but it is seventy times better than 0 percent."

    Your dual red CCFL light kit probably draws ~ 5mA .
  23. FYI on Earthwatts
    EA500 made by Seasonic, being phased out
    EA500D made by Delta, oem replacement

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