Helping setup a gigabit network + a NAS

Hey guys, I now the very basics of networking, but looking around I realize I don't know as much as I need or want to! Some help would be greatly appreciated.

I want to setup a WIRED network of 3 pcs and a WIRELESS network with 2 laptops connected. I also want to have a NAS device shared between all of these devices, and I want the NAS to run at full GIGABIT speed... at least with the WIRED connections.

What will I need to set this up? I am looking at these products:

NETGEAR GS105 10/100/1000Mbps ProSafe Gigabit Desktop Switch with Jumbo Frame support ($35)

LINKSYS WRT54GL Wireless G 10/100m Router ($60)

Together, that's $95 - still cheaper than the cheapest Gigabit Router that I found, and that router had pretty mixed reviews. This switch and this router have great reviews, so I thought it's better to go with two great products than one mediocre one, and plus this is cheaper... thoughts?

Also, I read somewhere about having the NAS on a seperate connection. For example, my two main PC systems that will be wired have seperate onboard NICs (for example, an nforce4 and a Marvell). Should I set this up so that I have a connection like this:

PC1 1000m port > Gigabit Switch > NAS
PC1 100m port > Linksys Routher

PC2 1000m port > Gigabit Switch > NAS
PC2 100m port > Linksys Routher

And then, can I connect the GIGABIT SWITCH to the 100M ROUTER so that my wireless laptops can connect to the NAS? Of course, they would then be limited by the Wireless G signal, but at least they could access the NAS, and I could just plug in if I required a greater transfer speed. OR... does the Gigabit switch need to be totally seperate from the 100m Router? IE will that work at all?

Now, I am guessing my other option would be to spend more on perhaps a mixed review router for around $125 that does Wireless N and Gigabit, and throw everything onto one setup. Would be the pros/cons of this? Also, I read there might be a disadvantage to this, sharing NAS and internet traffic on one connection? How much better is it really to put the NAS on a separate wired connection than the internet for my main two systems? I have a 20mbit FiOSconnection (about 2mb/s dload speeds).

Oh and lastly, do wired Gigabit connections require any special type of cable? Or will my normal CAT5 LAN cables work?
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  1. I know it's kind of a complicated question, but I have been doing reading and still don't know about this for sure. Any help would be appreciated, as I don't have the money to burn if this doesn't work correctly. Thanks so much.
  2. Heres how I would set it up

    Internet Modem -> Router -> Gig switch -> NAS

    With this setup you will have only 1 network range to worry about. All computers will have access to the NAS and all gig computers will run at gig speed to each other and the NAS.
    As for the Internet and NAS on the same network I wouldn't worry about it as the gig switch will be more than capable of handling the traffic.

    For gig connections I would use Cat 5e cable. Cat 6 is the best but unneeded unless your running long distances.
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