OCing E6600 on P965T-A

Hi, I'm new to overclocking and need some advice...

My system specs:

E6600 @ 2.4ghz (default)
Scythe Kama Angle Cooler + 2x 80mm case fans and an 80mm hole
Elitegroup P965T-A V1.08b
4gb DDR2 800 RAM (2x1gb OCZ, 1x2gb Ebuyer value)
650w Hiper PSU

I fancy overclocking my processor, so I bought and installed the cooler without looking at my BIOS options first. Yeah I know.

So now I find my options extremely limited - I can choose from a number of FSB speeds (along with some other values I don't recognise), all but one of the options are default or lower. The other option is 333mhz.

As I understand it, this would take the CPU to roughly 3ghz. I'd be happy with this, but from what I have read it's best to overclock in small steps - and 266 to 333 is not what I'd call a small step!

Aside from buying a better mobo, what are my options? The BIOS is as it was when I bought the PC, I don't know how to update it or even if this would help? What are the actual dangers of choosing the 333mhz option straight? What do you advise, oh great ones?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Try the 333MHz and see if that works! Not sure if your MB allows a voltage boost on the CPU, but that might be needed for the 1333MHz FSB.
  2. The board will allow minimal volt increases - .05 .10 .15

    What do you think?

    What are the dangers?

    What do I do if it doesn't boot?

    thanks for your help & time!
  3. Those are not that minimal! Try it stock first. If it doesn't boot, clear the CMOS and reboot, then enter in a higher voltage.
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