Goliath - New Build/Upgrade

well strictly not a new rig i've recently got some new cards in, here's a current shot new cards not in shot

AMD X2 6400 @ 3.560 Ghz - 1.45V
BFG 8800GTX OC2 768Mb X2 (Sli)
Corsair 6400 Domminator 2GB (2X1gb)
Asus Crosshair MB
Asus Xonar D2
Creative 7.1 Inspire
Dell 3008WFP 30" monitor
Seagate 200GB Sata II
16mb ADSLmax
Microsoft Righthand trackball (discontinued)
Saitek Eclipse II keyboard
Lian Li pc-70b Full Tower
Coolermaster 850w Realpower Modular

also going to have to mod my case a little as i need some more airflow around the 8800's i was maybe thinking of water cooling, as koolance water cooling integrates beautifully with lian li cases what do you guys think ?

love and metal

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  1. Not bad man.
    Coolermaster make **** PSU's tho. I know. I got one :/

    Nice oc on th gAyMD
  2. lol my bad there should be a 2.5 not 3.5 that was probebly wishful thinking on my part lol

    i wanted the zalaman 1000 hp psu but got lugged with that due to gay stock levels at the store i use
  3. oh well thats great to hear hehe i was thinking there was somthing i hadent considered with research on it

    im defo gonna have to move to some better cooling for thoose carss though as its heating up just a bit tooo much

    love and metal

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